4 - Raising the awareness of allemployees to the importance of climatechange risks

For business activities related to Retail Banking, the CSR Department of the Retail Banking & Insurance division, working in liaison with the FNBP and FNCE, runs a network of CSR correspondents comprised of approximately 70 fulltime equivalent employees. In areas related to Corporate & Investment Banking, Asset Management, Insurance, and Payments, the CSR Department of Natixis relies on a network of some 200 CSR correspondents appointed in all the different businesses and functions. Correspondents coming from Natixis’ business activities attend business forums aimed at developing CSR in the businesses while the correspondents originally from functional departments (Real Estate and Logistics, Human Resources, Compliance, IT, etc.) are involved in projects related to making sustainable development an integral part of the company’s operations.

3.2 - Climate risk function

The Climate Risk division manages the network of climate risk correspondents present in each entity and acting as effective local relays. Their main task is to follow the latest work of the Climate Risk division and to be able to present it to the executive management teams of their respective establishments and, if necessary, to their senior management bodies.

4 - Raising the awareness of all employees to the importance of climate change risks

Groupe BPCE offers its management and employees training on climate risks. The members of BPCE’s Management Board receive training to better understand the assessment of climate risks.

In order to raise the awareness of the largest possible number of employees to climate risks, their impacts and various CSR-related issues, Groupe BPCE has rolled out Climate Risk Pursuit, an interactive training tool providing a basic understanding of climate risks and the economic environment related to this challenge.

All Groupe BPCE employees are also offered specific training on the green economy with a view to informing them of the orientations chosen by Groupe BPCE in this area. At the same time, employees are encouraged to follow a MOOC on the ‘Causes and challenges of climate change‘. Finally, in order to enhance basic training on climate risks, an in-depth course on future challenges is currently under development. At the end of this training, employees will be able to:

  • Understand the challenges of climate change and the attendant risks,
  • Identify the climate risks facing clients along with their financial impacts,
  • Analyze climate risks with the help of appropriate tools,
  • Review the diversity of current and future regulations related to these issues,
  • Give formal expression to the opportunities and levers of action for the banking and insurance industries.